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The purpose of this blog is to keep me honest with my wife and any others interested in reading my progress on the studio. The blog has moved so I could make it more presentable. I'm still figuring all this stuff out, so please bear with me.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Entry 21.4.06

SUNDAY - (Sci-fi section) Yesterday was a gorgeous day and we went to visit some family for the holiday weekend. Today turned out to be warm and sunny as well, so I got my shelves cut into six 4' wide pieces. We were supposed to have been away for the entire weekend, but since my wife had a lot of work to do, we stayed home today. I tried to set up her new computer and found out, much to my insane anger, the idiot salesman at CompUSA totally misrepresented it. Upon researching their site, my wife discovered he was telling us it had all of the bells and whistles of a completely different model. MORON! Because of this blissful incompetent, we now refer to the store as IncompUSA! I spent the rest of the day in the same room with my wife. As she worked, I read my newest purchase, Make Your Own Damn Movie! by Lloyd Kaufman of Troma. The book is both informative and hilarious.

MONDAY - (Sci-fi section) I allowed myself to become distracted by getting involved in too many things that really had nothing to do with the layout of the studio. I did some chores and folded the clothes that I didn't fold last week. I also started writing notes on a screenplay idea I was developing a little over six years ago. I was surprised at how fast I found my handwritten notes since I have several notebooks full of junk. Yep, you read that right, "junk"; I tend to be brutally honest about my work. I guess Mondays will always remain writing days. I also hung around waiting for my mother in-law to pick up her car for when she returned from her Easter weekend.

TUESDAY - (Sci-fi section) I did some light grocery shopping to pick up my vitamins and odds and ends. I also got my wife's computer finally up and running on the Internet. I pulled out a 6' banquet table to dump stuff already up on the shelves so I could start rearranging those shelves to allow for maximum use of the space. I've already got a few sci-fi items up and it's looking cool! I may need to cut one of the 2' deep shelves down to 4' wide tomorrow. I have yet to open one of the five boxes pictured above.

WEDNESDAY - (Sci-fi section) Still haven't opened any boxes, but I did open quite a few toys that were still in their original packaging. I filled the shelf I put up yesterday and put up two more today. I threw up the 2' deep shelf without cutting it down since the extra length is working to my advantage right now.

THURSDAY - (Sci-fi section) STILL haven't opened any boxes. As I was rooting around the studio, I discovered even more sci-fi toys still in their original packaging that must have come out of the tucker totes I emptied a few months back. Armed with a box cutter, I began slicing open boxes and blister packs. It takes me a while to set toys free because it's been my past experience certain items tend to break in the process if you're not careful and with the way the stuff is packaged nowadays, you'd think the manufacturers could get more money designing security for Fort Knox! I filled another shelf and the two footer is about half full. I need to accompany my wife tonight on a short trip so I'm basically done for the day.

FRIDAY - (Sci-fi section) I have to go grocery shopping for our BBQ tomorrow, buy a couple of gifts at Best Buy, pick up a friend from the airport and then go to Costco for more BBQ items. Tonight, we're going to a dear friend's house. Needless to say, I'm sure I'm not going to get anything done today. At the very least I'd like to cut apart the boxes and blister packs that are currently littering the floor. I hope I don't forget to upload this page by 9pm tonight!


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