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The purpose of this blog is to keep me honest with my wife and any others interested in reading my progress on the studio. The blog has moved so I could make it more presentable. I'm still figuring all this stuff out, so please bear with me.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Entry 28.4.06

SUNDAY - (Sci-fi section) Friday night was a great time at our friend's house. We had amazingly good Chinese take-out. She was telling us hilarious stories of her recent Disney cruise and she made my wife laugh so hard, she literally fell off the couch! Yesterday we had a BBQ with family and friends. Though it was raining, we were still able to grill since we have a roof over our back porch. The food was great and a fun time was had by all. Today, I opened a few more toys and shelved what I could. I have an odd amount of space left on the 2' deep shelf on which I think some items from the boxes in the photo will fit nicely. I need to catch up on some house chores tomorrow, but I should be able to get through at least one box.

MONDAY - (Sci-fi section) I didn't get as much done as I could have. I dug out all of my Action Fleet Starship Troopers toys. Coincidently, I've been watching Roughnecks - The Starship Trooper Chronicles and am now in the mood to see the movie. It's a shame the toy line didn't take off, but I guess that's to be expected when one bases a set of toys geared toward children on a movie with copious amounts of gore. I've also stumbled upon a couple of Jurassic Park - The Lost World vehicles from Matchbox.

TUESDAY - (Sci-fi section) I dug out the Matchbox Jurassic Park - The Lost World fuel depot playset and, as I was dusting off the shredded paper, I was hit with an overwhelming urge to go to Universal's Islands of Adventure! We LOVE that place! I'm hoping to have enough room in my studio to be able to build small versions of its different islands on various shelves. I had to replace a shelf with a shorter one because the 2' deep shelf at the very bottom has some rather tall items on it that would hog up too much viewing space if I hadn't replaced the 4' wide shelf above it with a 34" wide shelf. Somehow, I was able to fit a little over 2/3's of what was originally on the wider shelf back onto the smaller one.

WEDNESDAY - (Sci-fi section) Progress has slowed down because I've had to clear a path to reach the other shelves. With all that I have, it's almost impossible to keep things from getting underfoot. I've opened a few more toys and filled two more shelves. I have two huge toys on that 2' bottom shelf that I'm going to have to reshuffle for a second time because they're cutting off access to putting a wider shelf above them. Today is also laundry day.

THURSDAY - (Sci-fi section) I carefully slid the 34" wide shelf a little to the left so reshuffling the big toys would be a little easier. I was berating myself the entire time I was moving the shelf over how stupid of an idea it was to try and slide it with all the toys still on it. Amazingly enough, nothing fell. I've filled another shelf and have discovered I'm going to have to switch out the 34" shelf back to a 4' shelf or it's going to be a terrible waste of space. AAARGH! This means I'm going to have to display the tall toys in a different, less cool looking way.

FRIDAY - (Sci-fi section) I concentrated on the household chores. I also did some grocery shopping. I wanted the house to be presentable for the weekend. Needless to say, I got nothing done studio-wise. All in all, I'm pretty disappointed with the week. Yes, I've made some progress, but not as much as I would have liked. Those two problematic shelves really hogged a bit of time. I'll keep my fingers crossed for next week.


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