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The purpose of this blog is to keep me honest with my wife and any others interested in reading my progress on the studio. The blog has moved so I could make it more presentable. I'm still figuring all this stuff out, so please bear with me.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Entry 5.5.06

This has been a horrible and most disappointing week for the studio. Aside from shuffling a few things around, I've done nothing significantly new. The fault rests solely on my shoulders and I feel my diet as of late plays a big role in my laziness. I've been eating nothing but garbage the last few days and it's made me dopey and lethargic ... well, more dopey and lethargic than usual anyway. I plan to get underway in addressing this in the weeks to come because I don't want another week like this.

As bad a time as this was for the studio, it was a great week in my social life! On Saturday, I attended a friend's housewarming party. It was a fun time! He's got a great family, an awesome circle of friends and the food was delicious. My wife couldn't attend because she had brought work home from the office. As is her nature, though, she couldn't bear to be inside all day when there was such beautiful weather outside, so she did a few of her household chores. One thing I was particularly impressed with was her repair of our laundry door. It's a vented accordion door that had to be cut down to size so it would fit in the space. By cutting it, the door was weakened and falling apart. She fixed it in such a way that leads me to believe she's going to start walking around here with a tool belt strapped to her hip! She also put up freestanding shelves so I could bring a great deal of her stuffed animals down into the basement. They are currently taking up valuable shelf space in the studio.

On Sunday, my brother in-law and a friend came over for some barbecue and to help us figure out what sound system to pick up for our home theatre. They also gave us tips on how to lay it out. As always, it was a hilarious time with those guys and quite educational. I'm fortunate to have such well informed people in my life and I never hesitate to ask for their opinions and guidance.

Tuesday, my best friend from high school stopped by so he could pick up some DVD's that had just come out. We came back to my place and watched "Hoodwinked". That movie is hilarious! I may go out and buy my own copy. We had some barbecue and also watched an episode of "Challenge of the Super Friends". That cartoon is so bad, it's good!

Last week was a little telling of what this week was going to be like. Hopefully, it stops here and next week will see a great deal of progress up on the shelves.


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