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The purpose of this blog is to keep me honest with my wife and any others interested in reading my progress on the studio. The blog has moved so I could make it more presentable. I'm still figuring all this stuff out, so please bear with me.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Entry 19.5.06

MONDAY - On Friday, my wife and I attended the rehearsal dinner for our friends' wedding on Saturday. We got to meet everyone else in the bridal party who didn't get the chance to join us the week before at the comedy club. We also got to meet both sides of the family. Every single person we had the pleasure of meeting is a genuinely nice person. Saturday was the wedding.

There were small dramatic moments common in almost all weddings, but nothing earth shattering. We had a most excellent time! We weren't at all surprised to have some great people at our table and my wife and I danced a good portion of the evening. I wish my friends well on their marriage.

On Sunday, my wife had a lot of work from the office to do, so I spent most of the day watching movies like "The Land that Time Forgot", "The People that Time Forgot" and "The Saga of the Viking Women and their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent". I'm not kidding! That's the actual title which is longer than the film!

Today, I had to return my tux. On my way back, I picked up some items at my mother in-law's house, bought some graph paper to start creating sprites from scratch again (I have to get back into drawing first!), did a small amount of grocery shopping and picked up my wife's dry cleaning. As I had lunch, I watched Roger Corman's "Teenage Caveman". Afterward, I went upstairs and started to clear paths to and in front of all the areas our security company needs to alarm since they'll be here tomorrow for the installation. I took a break, made my wife a dinner of BLT wraps, saw her off to her nephew's last concert and went back and finished my project. I haven't done anything today to get the studio completed any faster, but it looks good being more open. They'll be here early tomorrow, so it should leave me the rest of the day to get back into the swing of things.

TUESDAY - The security tech was over by 8:10 am. It was interesting watching him install the system. He ran into a few snags that he said were common speed bumps. Being that there was only one guy working on our house, he wasn't done until around 3:25 pm which, according to the time estimated for the entire job, had him finished an hour and 35 minutes early. He was informative and nice to talk to. After he left, I cleaned up a bit around the house and was starting to vacuum when my wife got home.

WEDNESDAY - We're going to have people over this weekend and my wife has been having a rough week to the point she's been getting home late. She stresses that the house won't be clean for guests whenever we have visitors and she also needs to prepare for an impromptu benefit we'll be participating in this weekend as well. To lighten her load, I've taken over the cleaning of the house so all she'd have to concentrate on outside of work would be the songs she's going to sing. I was hoping to have the surround sound system set up since it seemed I had all the components, but it's a bit hard to get the full impact of a good sound system with just a subwoofer. I thoroughly cleaned the living room instead. I didn't touch the studio.

THURSDAY - I cleaned the kitchen (which really needed it!), the foyer, the hall, the bedroom and my wife's changing room. This is the cleanest I've seen any of these rooms! I didn't touch the studio. I was also kindly informed by the company we purchased our sound system from that they've already shipped four packages and we could track them via the UPS site. I think I would have found it useful information if I hadn't already received the boxes this past Monday and Tuesday. I'm hoping the sound system is better than their timing!

FRIDAY - I'm going to do the grocery shopping and run some errands so we're prepared for the weekend. I also need to practice my piece for the benefit and clean the bathrooms. I most likely won't do anything in the studio today either. Another week shot and nothing got done studio-wise. At least I'm not feeling guilty about it since I got quite a few other things done that needed doing.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Entry 12.5.06

I've wasted another week. The most I've done is bring one Ikea bag full of stuffed animals down into the basement. I would have at least liked to have brought all of them down this week so I would have some open shelves to work with next week. Once they're empty, I'll have to reorder everything I've got up so far so I could get an idea of how much more room I'll have left. It's daunting, but it has to be done.

Last Friday, my wife and I went out with a few friends for a joint bachelor / bachelorette party at a comedy club. It was a fun evening. Though I'm not the best man, I've been asked to deliver the toast since I'm comfortable talking in front of people. I've been working on it all week. For some reason, I'm having a problem memorizing it, but I'll have the cheat sheet with me. I'll be speaking of things that I truly feel, but the problem in memorizing is that these things should be said a certain way to make them clear to a crowd; I want to keep it short and sweet and not meander conversationally, that would bore the crap out of everyone.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Entry 5.5.06

This has been a horrible and most disappointing week for the studio. Aside from shuffling a few things around, I've done nothing significantly new. The fault rests solely on my shoulders and I feel my diet as of late plays a big role in my laziness. I've been eating nothing but garbage the last few days and it's made me dopey and lethargic ... well, more dopey and lethargic than usual anyway. I plan to get underway in addressing this in the weeks to come because I don't want another week like this.

As bad a time as this was for the studio, it was a great week in my social life! On Saturday, I attended a friend's housewarming party. It was a fun time! He's got a great family, an awesome circle of friends and the food was delicious. My wife couldn't attend because she had brought work home from the office. As is her nature, though, she couldn't bear to be inside all day when there was such beautiful weather outside, so she did a few of her household chores. One thing I was particularly impressed with was her repair of our laundry door. It's a vented accordion door that had to be cut down to size so it would fit in the space. By cutting it, the door was weakened and falling apart. She fixed it in such a way that leads me to believe she's going to start walking around here with a tool belt strapped to her hip! She also put up freestanding shelves so I could bring a great deal of her stuffed animals down into the basement. They are currently taking up valuable shelf space in the studio.

On Sunday, my brother in-law and a friend came over for some barbecue and to help us figure out what sound system to pick up for our home theatre. They also gave us tips on how to lay it out. As always, it was a hilarious time with those guys and quite educational. I'm fortunate to have such well informed people in my life and I never hesitate to ask for their opinions and guidance.

Tuesday, my best friend from high school stopped by so he could pick up some DVD's that had just come out. We came back to my place and watched "Hoodwinked". That movie is hilarious! I may go out and buy my own copy. We had some barbecue and also watched an episode of "Challenge of the Super Friends". That cartoon is so bad, it's good!

Last week was a little telling of what this week was going to be like. Hopefully, it stops here and next week will see a great deal of progress up on the shelves.